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Eileen M. May and Gary N. Dow are the proprietors of The Shamrock & Thistle B & B, Inc.  They are very different people, both accomplished through hard work, and together, they make a great team with lots of love and attention to detail.  They are very accommodating and are service oriented.
Shamrock & Thistle

631 Columbus Hill Road

Sherburne, NY 13460

Tel/Fax: (607) 847-9314

Cell: (516-527-7901)


Contact Us

Tel/Fax 607-847-9314 

Cell 516-527-7901

Reservations Preferred but not Required.  


  631 Columbus  Hill  Road
  Sherburne, N.Y.  13460
 Two Plus Rooms  and  
  Rustic  Cabin  Available

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